Undead and Abberations

The Story So Far
A Brief History of the Adventure

Our story started innocuously enough with a small band of adventures stationed at Fort Voltrek. Gathered together by Governor-Captain Farber to investigate the late arrival of usually very prompt merchant caravan. At the time, this group included a masked Drow rogue named Gelinid, a Genasi tempest fighter named Ianben, a swordmage, and the wizard Rickfire. As they searched, they stumbled upon a strange keep nestled within a valley in the forest. It turned out that the creatures there had all be mutated by a strange creature that had been performing experiments on them. He and his doppelganger bodyguard were defeated, but the bodies both turned up missing.

Making their way back to town, they got lost, and ran afoul of the orcish kingdom to the north of Fort Voltrek. After being chased into a long forgotten Elvish tomb, they became indentured servants to the undead Lady Eliza.


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